The first half of December should be very interesting. The weather pattern has changed, but temperatures are still moderately warm; however, a significant change is on the way. The main outlooks are summarized in the table below:

December 5-9th:   Two systems, both rain producers, will arrive Mon-Tues, then the second system coming from the SW will be in the late Wed-Thurs time period. The second of the two systems should be more significant with measurable rain. Temperatures will be in mid-40’s to 50 degrees. Later in the week with the passage of the second low will be the one that will usher in a period of true cold which leads us to our second week analysis.

December  10-17th:  This is the interesting period! This is where we see some of the colder air that has been stored in Canada BLEED down into the northern half of the country and into our neck of the woods. There are two systems, which at this time are hard to pin down the tracks, that could bring our first snowfalls. One which is around the 12th-13th and the second, and perhaps, more significant system around the 15th-17th time period. Right now, I would say our chances of both of them hitting with some significant snow is low. However, the tracks are interesting since they are both taking dips in the jet stream further south. Again, it’s all about tracking. The cold air will have settled in at that point. So, we would have one key player to check off. We have some time to look at these two systems as they are days out. However, like the lead of this post says, it will be VERY interesting!