So, how was that Eagles game yesterday? Wow, that was just mystifying . The coaches should be ashamed at putting Carson Wentz in that position. Having him drop back 60 times..60 times to throw the ball! That’s insane. That poor kid with poor coaching. I’d recheck my health plan.

There was some football weather in Chicago and Green Bay where there was a full blown snow storm. So, where is ours?

Well, we might have to wait a little bit more. Remember, the signals are for the middle of this month around the 17th. Right now, the track is all over the place so I’m not even going to pin down anything. It will be cold so, like I said in my long range the other day, the elements will be in place. My confidence is really low right now. We will see. More rain later this week. A little replay of what we had overnight. It was a wintry mix in upstate PA, and some of the counties N and NW of Philadelphia. Meh!shopping_landing_gateway_hero_960x312

How is your shopping going? I’m DONE! :} I really only have my wife and mom. Now, I just have to fill in some people like my in-laws but they are easy.

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