A dynamic week of weather is coming up, and like I said last week this ten day period from now until about the 20th really is going to be an indicator of where/how our Winter will go. Technically speaking, Winter doesn’t begin for another 12 days BUT..we might be thinking differently over the next 10 days.

Starting with today/tonight radar RIGHT NOW indicates there is snow aloft. Go ahead, look at the blue on the map. However, this is just the atmosphere getting itself ready for actual snow or moisture to reach the ground. We could see a sprinkle or two tonight when the main system arrives from the west, but don’t get to gleeful. That won’t last. As temperatures will rise well above freezing. For areas north of us and above I-78 it will stay mostly snow. So, if you are traveling into those areas be cautions.

This week will stay cold with temperatures reaching not much past the mid 40’s, but a second Arctic system will be pulled south for later in the week. Now, depending on about 2,000 factors we could see some white flakes Wednesday into Wednesday night as the system touches off either a combination of steady snow or snow showers. I’m leaning towards snow showers at this point, but we will have to see. Then next weekend we could see a more SIGNIFICANT system that could either start as a rain to snow mix, or a snow to rain system. We would be talking totals before any changeover in the 2-3 inch rage. However, AGAIN, five days out I could tell you we could get a blizzard. WE ARE NOT! :}

We shall see!

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