The Calm Before the S#%#M?


31 degrees; 21 degrees; 13 degrees; and 19 degrees Lows or Highs? LOWS starting tomorrow night through Friday and maybe even colder Saturday. The weather will be clear, BUT having the kids out to play on the playground this week should be interesting. “Can we go in it’s SOOOOOOOO Cold!” That’s what I will hear :}

Seriously, those numbers are only air temperatures. Add the wind that will be coming in, and we will be in for some serious wind chills. We could be talking about 5 or so below zero real feel . With that being said, let’s move on to the second part of our winter here in December so far!

Sometime by late Friday night there will be a system ejecting from the SW. It will be carrying a three layered cake of winter weather. On top is Snow. In the middle, Ice or freezing rain. Add the rain on the bottom , and we have a classic three layered SLOP storm. It could start off as snow, and lay a few inches before temperatures moderate a bit. This slow transition, because we will have cold air damming wedging down from Canada could support a change to freezing rain. For how long? For how much? is still hard to determine. We could be facing an ice storm. Then as the system lifts to the mid-west temperatures will soar which would change everything to rain.  More details will follow.

A fun weather week ahead for moi!  The graphic is not of the current storm on the weekend.