The headline says it! Yet, this could be really messy. So, I don’t want to get too much into the details; however, it’s pretty certain that a major winter storm will impact our area Friday night into Saturday morning.  P-types (Snow, Freezing Rain, Rain) will impact us in a span of 24 hours. Here are the EARLY details:

FRIDAY NIGHT: Cold as cold can be hangs on through Friday night. Late Friday night into Saturday afternoon precipitation will move in from the west. This is an over-running event. Not a coastal storm. As it moves in ALL areas will see snow.  Intensity should be rapidly increasing as we enter Saturday morning. It will be wet snow. Yet, temperatures will be slowly increasing as the event is ongoing. So, streets or unpaved areas will look snowier than our lawns. We could see anywhere from 1-2 inches but as high as 4 wouldn’t be out of the question the longer the cold hangs on , or can’t be displaced.  This is going to be a MESSY storm. Not a pure snow type of system.

SATURDAY MORNING-AFTERNOON: Cold hangs on into Saturday morning. Then as temperatures rise past 32 degrees the change-over to rain SHOULD occur. By 1pm all P-types will be rain. However, with the cold harder to scour at the onset, there could be a period of freezing rain. So, perhaps, put off your Christmas shopping until mid-afternoon Saturday or Saturday night. Temperatures Saturday night should be approaching the forties.

That’s ALL I have for now. Stay tuned for more and a graphic as models come in today with more information.  This storm has nothing to do with track. So, the confidence is VERY HIGH right now. Lots could still change!


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