The main part of the “storm” is over for us. It’s pretty much left behind crusty streets of snow/ice, and trees filled with ice.  The main changeover happened faster than anticipated; however, except for snow amounts which weren’t going to be significant, it pretty much played out exactly as I posted. IF, IF, the snow had come in earlier we might have had a little more snow, but it didn’t start until 4:30 am. Then the changeover occurred around daybreak like 6-7am. The cold air did hang on longer as the COMPLETE change didn’t take place until 1pm.   The warm air was pulled up much faster than anticipated.  So, for our first winter storm I have to say I would give myself a B . Yet, I think I pretty much was honest in detailing that this was not a snowstorm of great magnitude. December snows around here are rare. Our last significant snowstorm in December was in 2008-09.

Spotty rain today and tomorrow. Temperatures go from 60 to 30’s tomorrow in a matter of 3-4 hours. Don’t be surprised if you see a snowflake on the back end of some moisture tomorrow. Nothing significant to talk about.

Tomorrow I will have another long-term outlook right through December and, of course, Christmas !!

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