This week looks pretty non-eventful. Nice days with temps in the mid 40’s..Wet weather at the end of the week.

So, our “active” period looks to be about over for the middle part of December.  We are going to get into a period of warm, but not too crazy warm temps as we head towards the New Year after Christmas. The only storm signal period is December 27th through the 31st.  Potential exists, but way to far out.

I want you all to have a good Mon-Tues. I’m “off” until later in the week.  I’ve appreciated you coming to my blog now. I feel this is a more professional, and I hope, still fun interaction between us all.

For my “younger” viewers I will post chances for a White Christmas up later in the week, followed by weather Santa will have to face around the world come next weekend to deliver his goodies!