HO-HO-HO! It’s getting closer! I just got off the phone with Santa Claus and he’s entrusted me giving a Christmas forecast for his ride Christmas Eve night. So, here is a brief report from AROUND THE WORLD of what Santa will face. HE PROMISES to come to your house and deliver. He’s NEVER failed! And weather will not keep him down :} 

NORTH AMERICA: This may be his biggest obstacle !  In the east, there will be rain showers so he should push through pretty well with that. However, in the west, there may be LOTS of snow to deal with as he flies through the Rockies and near blizzard conditions in the high plains-Dakotas, Montana, etc.. Yet, HE WILL GET TO YOUR HOUSE! He has Rudolph! 

SOUTH AMERICA: Lots of rain, north and south throughout the continent. It will be a slippery slope throughout the trip, but you can count on him getting through. 

ASIA: Most of Asia will be cold in the northern countries, but there is LOTS of activity in the southern portions of SE Asia. A cyclone of sorts is spinning near the islands, a major snowstorm is impacting northern Japan and southern Korea near Seoul. Lots of rain near Thailand. Perhaps, a break for Santa here before he continues his voyage! 

AUSTRALIA: Believe it or not, LOTS of rain in western Australia. Yet the eastern half (where everyone lives) is fine. It’s Summer down there, so no issues! He will sail through Australia. 

AFRICA: Some rain action in the northern half. Southern Africa looks beautiful. Why not? It’s a beautiful continent :}  He may want to stop and go through the Sahara. Believe it or not, it SNOWED there this week. YES, SNOWED!! 

DELAWARE: Rain Christmas eve, but warming up and clear on Christmas Day! Enjoy YOUR GIFTS! 



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