POST CHRISTMAS….NOT MUCH! Rain tonight. Colder later in the week. Kind of Meh.

I hope Santa Claus was good to you as he was to me. I had a tremendous Christmas! What was your favorite gift? Mine was my light winter jacket my wife gave me. Very nice! Santa was VERY good for her :}  And Santa made it through the weather to make all of his deliveries. He never fails. Never!

Well, this week should be an “OK” week of weather. As depicted the week looks pretty “MEH“. Not much going on, at least in the east. All the snow is out west. There is a storm signal for the end of the week towards New Year’s but that mainly looks wet not frozen. Then , as we enter the New Year, the pattern looks a little colder but still the tracks of the storms isn’t quite conducive to a pattern favorable for the Mid-Atlantic. Storms that come from the Gulf, or cut southeast from the west are more favorable tracks.  There has been above average snowfall in the interior portions of PA and NY , but the major cities have seen close to nothing.  So, it’s going to be kind of a waiting game. The second image shows that a cold trough will set itself up in the east come the end of the week, but temperatures are still too warm for an all snow event, or even seeing a wet flake.

Have a WONDERFUL day!

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