The potential for a measurable December snow are pretty much down to less than zero. It’s almost 60 degrees right now. Yet, there is a decent cold front coming through on Thursday that merits watching. However, for our area it would be more like just annoying weather to drive in. There is the potential for wet snow Thursday into Friday mixed with rain. And it would be scattered. So, one  area may see more wet snow flakes, while another area sees NADA.   We will have to watch it, but this will affect more areas to our north and west. The graphic pretty much sums up our winter picture as it relates to snow so far. screenshot-60

January is setting up to be an interesting month. It’s the heart of winter. Last January it was cold for the first half, got warm, then we got slammed with a blizzard. And that was pretty much the winter.  We have a set up where the POTENTIAL for a colder, snowier January is on the table. However, my confidence for that is moderate. Again, like I’ve said, you can have the cold, the right atmospheric conditions, etc.. However, if you don’t have the right system that tracks the wrong way and pushes more warm air into the equation then you have nothing. I am feeling our time will come. Like last winter, we just need to be patient. Lots of winter left folks!

Have a wonderful day!!