GOOD MORNING! Well, after a rainy, cold, blah day today is much more welcomed to wake up to.  How many of you get SAD(Seasonal Affective  Disorder)?  I personally do. Not terrible, but it’s usually sometime in February where winter starts to wear on me. However, so far, I’ve been able to get out and bike, feel good, etc.. So, GET OUT THERE! Yes, it’s cold today. However, beautiful.  Take a walk. Play with your kids on the playground of a park. Feel alive!

Weekend weather looks fair and seasonably cold. Temperatures should be progressively going upwards after today from 40 today to almost 60 on Tuesday as a rain system comes in Monday-Tuesday time period.

Then after a very brief warm up the Polar Express arrives, and arrives loudly with a slap in the face after Tuesday. This, probably, will be our coldest shot of the winter. Now, along with this I’m just going to hint that there is the possibility of a storm signal around the 6th-8th of January. This COULD be our first, and hopefully not last, significant chance of a major snowstorm. The jury is still WAY OUT. So, there isn’t any need to get into specifics right now. I will just say that the set-up is perfect in the atmosphere for us to get a significant snowstorm in the first few weeks of January. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend. Unless there is a significant development I will post on Monday  about the outlook for January and the storm signal for the 6th-8th of January.



GRAPHIC:  Picture shows how cold it’s going to get across the country. Even all the way down to Texas. Florida, which has been burning up this winter, will even be “COOL”.