Rain moving in early tomorrow morning and looks like a complete washout. Most of us will be back to school, and work except me. So, I will have to do lesson plans or something (ha,ha)

This system will bring in a rush of warmer air. It’s cold and clammy out now. It was just a raw day and hard to see. I was driving on 95 and visibility was poor. So, tomorrow night the fog should be as bad. Be careful out there.

Then Wednesday will be cooler as the cold front is pulled down from Canada. This will be very cold air, but not bitter or arctic. Day time highs Thursday and Friday should be in the 30’s while night time will be down in the 20’s. I mean, it’s winter, right?

The case for some snow over the weekend is a battle of cold air versus the southern stream(Pacific Jet). It develops over the Rockies, shoots out over Texas , and the Gulf. It picks up moisture to head north. It looks like a classic storm(See Picture)screenshot-64. However, once it hits the Carolina coastlines it gets lost.  Everything pretty much is in agreement to that point. Yet, what it can’t figure out is the strength of the cold. There was further movement north today, but just enough to give us sporadic snow showers on Saturday. Maybe a coating. However, it’s still too early to tell how it reacts to the northern stream. If the northern stream is weaker, it will pull it up then game on.  If it is too strong, it acts like a block. At this point, it’s Monday and we should have a resolution by at latest by Wednesday or Thursday.  Yet, the way systems have been reacting it’s been wet but snow in a weak La Nina year. Last year,  we had the wrong set up atmospherically but a blizzard in late Jan. This year we have the perfect set-up atmospherically, but it’s TOO PERFECT. So, the result may be nothing.

Have a great Tuesday!!

GO PENN STATE!! What a great game.

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