OK, HERE WE GO! ….Our first “Something” in terms of snow for our area.

Our first sniff at something real that would be reason to get slightly excited about if your a snow lover.  I love a massively good snowstorm. However, when it happens at those precious times when we are going to work I’d rather be on a beach in the Bahamas.  So, let’s take a look at the short term before we get into a possible weekend storm which could deliver much more substantive snow. Yet, as I’ve stated, the chances of the second one happening are about 30-70 of it NOT HAPPENING at this point.

I’m just focusing in on Thursday(SEE GRAPHIC BELOW). Thursday during the day will be fine. Nice, but getting colder and going to be MUCH colder come Friday morning. So, we have the cold. Next we need something, a wave, a storm, etc.. Well, that will be forming along a frontal boundary down south. Late Thursday early Friday morning (1-2am) this front will be moving just off shore.  It will have enough moisture to blanket the area with white, fluffy snow. This will be pure snow. In other words, you go out and brush off your car and it just flies off. You just need a broom to wipe your walk. Yet, VERY SLIPPERY. Be careful driving to work on Friday morning. It will probably be over by daybreak.  It’s more like an overrunning event. In terms, of amounts were looking to a coating to 2 inches. Places down the beach areas you could get as much as 2 inches. And, if it has enough moisture, it could be a little more.

Our next worry/concern will be this coming weekend. Now, I explained about that in my last post yesterday/today. The heavier threat area our places down the beaches. It’s VERY POSSIBLE that the southern portion of the state sees anywhere between 2-4 inches, while upstate we get a dusting. However, there have been a ton of changes today, and more tomorrow which could bring the storm further NW which in turn would give ,ALL of us, greater amounts and a more significant system.  Stay tuned.

Comments and questions please post them either here on my blog or Facebook page.

Light blue indicates about .10 to .20 inches of water . So, that would be equivalent to about 1-2 inches if the snow to liquid ratio is 1 inch of water = 10 inches of snow.  We always say 1:10 in the business :} 

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