Whew! This is getting busy. I almost can’t stay up with the information. And I’m back to school!

Tonight:  Light snows break out after 10-11pm. Right now, we almost have to go on RADAR WATCH ALERT.  Pretty much just watch the radar to see what is happening. Generally, the idea is anywhere 1-2 inches across most of the state with downstate picking up a little more in spots. Be careful with the commute tomorrow. It should be over by the time we go to work. Yet, I always say this, the driving on the roads will be treacherous. It will be a light, fluffy snow.


THE WEEKEND:  On, off, on, off, On, off….That’s been the trend over the last 72 hours. After last night I would have said our chances of getting significant snow from the second system would have been about 10-20%.  I would increase that to now above 30%.

Models are now swinging it back our way. Not enough to start the alarms, but if I were living especially from Dover on South,  to prepare for some snow on Saturday. How much? When? Where? Still needs to be hashed out. Will keep an eye on it.

Perhaps, a Facebook live tonight. Not sure. Keep it real!! :}


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