So, let’s play a game of North versus the South for this up and coming snowstorm on the weekend. It’s going to be a tale of two halves of the state. It’s pretty amazing, for a state of our size,  to see 2/3 of the state have a major storm warning while the other half has an advisory. Yet, I think that’s how it’s going to be.

Southern Delaware(Milford-Ocean City MD) : You will see the more significant threat of larger amounts. Anywhere between 4-8 inches.  You will be in the meat of the back edge of the storm. Let’s see how it plays out, but I think it may be closer to 4-6. Give me reports on Saturday to see how it’s going. 

Central Delaware (Milford, North, to Dover-Smyrna): Your currently have a Winter Storm Watch. However, you could be in either advisory or warning criteria by tonight. I think you should see anywhere from 4-6inches depending on where you live. Closer to Dover, you will see about 5-7 inches. Your just on the edge of the heavier precipitation. 

Northern Delaware (Smyrna to North Wilmington and points West and East) : You are more on the cusp of the heavier precipitation.  Right now, I would say northern Delaware could see anywhere from 1-3 BUT if the storm backs up anymore towards us we could be in the 2-4 realm. AND if the storm really comes further north we could see significant snow in the 6-8 range. Yet, I feel we are more in the 1-3 range. Elevation will play a key role for the higher amounts towards 3. 

Heavier Blue indicates heaviest precipitation. Most of Delaware is in the light shaded blue which is light-moderate. Center of the storm is just a little too far to the east. Has to be more tucked into the coast for big storm. 

Questions/Comments leave them on my Facebook page! Have a great weekend :}



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