Cold, then warm, then rain, then cold..Then ?

screenshot-74Hey everyone! Are ya tired of the cold yet? I know I am.. Wow, it was 11 degrees this morning. Eleven. Eleven! Well, when it’s almost 40 tomorrow it will probably feel like it’s 60. Then when it’s almost 60 by the end of the week , it will probably feel like it’s 80! That’s how our winters are in these parts. Extreme!!

Where do we go from here?  We go into a warm phase. Not for a long time, but warm-up where rain becomes the predominant P-Type for the next couple of days. Tuesday night into Wednesday a system approaching from the west will deliver some wet weather. Just rain. There may be some freezing rain mixed in just north of us in PA but that won’t concern us.

Then we go into a lull until the weekend. Yet, there could be still more rain in the picture. Too early.  Then temperatures go back down to normal for the weekend. Around the mid 40’s.

We are going into a different pattern for a little bit. The atmosphere has to re-load. We had a very active pattern. We had our snow storm for early January . We are at about normal in temperature and precipitation right now for the winter.

Have a great week!

Here is a Winter Storm Summary from our last storm over the weekend: I disagree with some of these amounts.  Winter Storm Summary from January 7th-8thgoogleearthsnowmap20170107


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