GO WEST! If you want lots of snow! Delaware..Ahh..Not as much..Just yet :}

The real story of this winter has been the American west. The Rocky Mountains region all the way west towards California has been getting inundated with snow. Every week there seems to be bigger storms. In the Lake Tahoe region they are in the midst of a blizzard which will deliver more than 3 to 5 feet of snow. FEET of snow!  California, which has been getting lots of rain this winter (YIPPIE), in the Sierra’s just received over 40 inches of snow this past weekend.  You can clearly see almost EVERY STATE out west is wall to wall covered, or will be with snow in the next 10 days.  GO WEST! to ski :}


Weather Underground Map

All I will say is be watchful of this line of freezing rain, but as you can see it’s lifting to the Northeast. There are weather advisories over much of PA, but the chances of it  impacting us is slight.  Possibilities of snow on the weekend. More later.😁😁
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