Nuisance snow/mix coming in Saturday-Sunday..MAJOR ICE STORM in the mid-west.

We have gone from 0 to 60 in a matter of 72 hours. That’s almost one degree an hour. Amazing! Last week we just started a major cold snap, followed by a mini-snowstorm, and now it’s like a March day.  Only in Delaware!

Yet, the fun can’t last as a cold front will be coming through starting tomorrow. This will drop temperatures. Then another front moves in for the weekend. This coming precipitation is part of a MAJOR STORM that will blanket the mid-west and plains states with a MAJOR ICE STORM. Kansas City, the whole state of Kansas, then move north, etc.. will experience perhaps the nightmare winter precipitation-ICE!. We are talking life coming to a literal stop. This will be crippling.  Please pray for those impacted. If you have family out that way, tell them not to drive or go out anywhere this weekend. It’s going to be a nightmare.

As for us, this system will bring a light array of precipitation starting Saturday morning. We could get a combination of snow, followed by freezing rain, back to snow, sleet. We could see upwards to an inch of snow, and .10 inch of ice. The details will need to be watched. I will do that for you. More clarity will come tomorrow.


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