I’m usually the one sending out the warnings, etc.. about bad weather but I’m going to take a different approach tonight. Don’t sweat this one.  A very weak. In fact, weaker and weaker precipitation event will effect the region tomorrow for most of the day. The precipitation will be light-moderate. In fact, temperatures will be hovering around the low 30’s. Yet, the ground shouldn’t be as cold if this event was coming in last week. Therefore, icing should be less than 0.01 of an inch in any location. Maybe a light glean. The snow. I mean if you want to call flakes as a snow event feel free. We might not even reach a coating.  HOWEVER, be careful. If you go out Saturday night there could be some slick spots. Drive with caution.

The graphic is the SREF Plume Chart. It’s a tool. And it hasn’t been showing more than a half an inch in every run I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. It charts approximate amounts of snow for a given region in and it plots it. Where you see a glut of plotted points that’s where most of the predictions of the computer models approximate the amounts. Within 24 hours, it’s a fairly good tool .

Be careful!! screenshot-80

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