Happy Birthday Dr. King! In Your Honor, A calm before the rain..No Posts on Monday. Next week: Jan-Feb Outlook

In honor of the great Dr. King, I will just post today and honor the day tomorrow because it’s all about Dr. King.  Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day on Monday. Here are some highlights for the week:

Monday:  Warming up, but cloudy . Highs in the mid-40’s. Rain chance about 30%.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Rain. Temperatures moving up to the 50’s. Rain chance about 70%

Thursday-Friday:  Clearing. Temperatures will be rising to the mid 50’s. Mid 50’s !! 

Friday Inauguration:  Clear (Right now) . Temperatures in the low 50’s.  Donald Trump will be our next President of the United States. It is what it is. 

For the next week and a half, get in all of your outdoor activities. Winter returns by the end of the month. 

A Man For All the People ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!



Well, we fell a half inch short of a half inch. Most of the snow showers, snow stayed to our north. It really was nothing anyway. I met someone at a party tonight/last night and the guy was from Maine. He’s a follower!  So, he said, “People around here get all bent out of shape for one inch of snow. We get real excited when it’s more than a foot!” .   I don’t blame him really. We are funny in Delaware about snow. We just hear the word and we go so crazy. It’s just our nature.

So, where do we go from here?  A slow, steady rise in temperatures will result by mid-week to be in the 50’s. Then a steady flow of rain for the middle of the week and another round of rain by next weekend.  I know someone who is going to say, “Who stole winter?” In some regards, you are right but with the graphic I’m showing tonight it is evidence that winter may retreat for a week or so, the cold flow from the polar north will make it’s return.

As we go into February, the latter part of January looks to return to the cold phase and, perhaps, stormier. Two systems, as the graphic shows, have the potential to be weather makers for our area as the Pacific jet dips significantly south. The atmosphere has to recharge. I think it will take a couple of weeks for it to reload. Look towards the end of this month for winter to return ..Maybe with a vengeance!