Happy Birthday Dr. King! In Your Honor, A calm before the rain..No Posts on Monday. Next week: Jan-Feb Outlook

In honor of the great Dr. King, I will just post today and honor the day tomorrow because it’s all about Dr. King.  Happy Birthday! Enjoy your day on Monday. Here are some highlights for the week:

Monday:  Warming up, but cloudy . Highs in the mid-40’s. Rain chance about 30%.

Tuesday-Wednesday: Rain. Temperatures moving up to the 50’s. Rain chance about 70%

Thursday-Friday:  Clearing. Temperatures will be rising to the mid 50’s. Mid 50’s !! 

Friday Inauguration:  Clear (Right now) . Temperatures in the low 50’s.  Donald Trump will be our next President of the United States. It is what it is. 

For the next week and a half, get in all of your outdoor activities. Winter returns by the end of the month. 

A Man For All the People ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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