Rain This Week..Rain next week…Warmer temps..Looking At February..Not sure about this Winter.

Hope you had a tremendously nice weekend! Great football games yesterday. Dallas and Green Bay was a classic. You can’t substitute for history. Both teams have met 8 times in the playoffs over their histories. And a lot of them have been classics. Let’s try to find classic weather.

Two rounds of rain this week will come by Wednesday and on the weekend. The more robust of the two will be the one this weekend. Then that will be followed by a much larger system come next Tuesday. Amazingly, the rain system for next Tuesday looks strikingly similar to last year’s blizzard. The only difference this year is it will be plenty warm. The system next week(Next Tuesday and depicted with picture)  could deliver over 1.5 inches of rain! The warm temperatures are just going to soar and bring up tons of gulf moisture.  Very comparable to our storm last year, but that was all snow .This will be all rain. No doubt.


screenshot (87).jpg

The next topic of conversation is our current Winter, if you can call it that. From all of my research today, and personal analysis, the cold will start to come back after the 25th, but the bigger question is for how long. It seems as though we will go into February with some cold weather and a “colder” pattern but how much, and how long are the million dollar questions. I believe we will see a colder pattern return, but will we see stormy? One doesn’t always go with the other. The trough looks to return cold to the east, but it needs to dig deeper for it to be REAL cold and get a chance for a significant system to come to fruition. (Graphic below)

I believe we will see a couple of chances for some snow going into the month. However, will we see a real big storm? I’m beginning to think we will see more overrunning events the rest of the way instead of Nor’easters.  You can still get a lot of snow with overrunning events, but it needs to be very cold for that to occur.

screenshot (86).jpg
It does look colder in the east as we enter February, but the trough axis isn’t that deep which means the air is cold at the surface but not that cold. It needs to dig deeper to get a real chance for systems to come up the coast. Otherwise, you have an west-east flow which just brings chances of snows like Alberta clippers, or overrunning systems with very little moisture. 


It is what it is.  Have a good day/week!

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