Presidential Inauguration Weather..Followed by Nor’easter Weather for the Entire Region..Lots of Rain..For Two Days

I debated on my post tonight. I thought I would devote the entire post to inauguration weather talk, but then this storm -Nor’easter- which if it was ten to fifteen degrees colder we would be talking about 20+ inches of snow is going to translate into 1.5 inches of rain for our entire region. So, I decided to put the best of both worlds in there proper perspectives in one post.

President-Elect Donald Trump will in 19 hours be our next President of the United States as he is sworn in tomorrow afternoon at 12:01pm.  It will be close to the mid-40’s and rain should move in about 10-11am tomorrow. Hopefully, his hair won’t get too wet to catch a cold (ha,ha). No, let’s all be respectful.  Good luck! Yet, over the years our Presidents have been sworn in all kinds of weather. Here are some highlights:

  • Ronald Reagan’s first term saw temperatures in the mid 50’s and beautiful sunny.
  • John F. Kennedy awoke to 10 inches of snow in the nations capital in 1961.
  • William Henry Harrison gave a two hour speech in a wind driven rain which he caught a cold and died of pneumonia a month later.
  • President Taft was sworn in with another snowstorm in 1909.
  • President Reagan’s second term saw a balmy seven degrees in 1985. They held it inside, of course.
  • President Obama’s first term saw a cool mid 40’s 8 years ago.

So, good luck Mr. President. We hope the weather doesn’t impact your administration much. You can always check with me, of course :}


The Nor’easter! (See Graphic)

Well, that will be the story of the weekend as we go into late in the weekend Sunday. This is a pretty significant storm. At the beaches expect erosion, and flooding .  Wind driven rain with gusts as high as 50 MPH could impact the immediate coast, but inland be careful when the rain comes down so hard it will snarl traffic with the commute home and to work. Be prepared!

Now, there have been some minimal, but interesting observations on my end. There will be a high pressure system funneling cold air down from Canada(See Graphic). It’s not a lot , but with each passing model run the leading edge of the storm wants to touch off a flurry of wet snow inland. Places inward of the coast in Western Maryland  and Central PA be watchful that this thing produces enough cold air that you could see a period of brief, heavy, wet snow for a couple of hours, but will change back to all rain by mid-day Monday. Everywhere along the coast will see rain. Yet, crazy things have happened if that cold air gets further south.

Then a pattern shift coming. We will see how long it lasts. Hope  all is well. And THANK YOU for the donations. Keep them coming! I am planning some big things in the near term, but I love the support. You are all truly wonderful :}  and faithful followers .






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