FEBRUARY PATTERN: Cold, but “MEH!”…Snowy? Stormy? Interesting? YES!

Here is what I believe right now about winter. When you had a Nor’easter bomb in the start of the month when most of the state of Delaware received 5 inches or less of snow except downstate when you received almost a winter’s worth. And when ANOTHER Nor’easter bomb hits you but it’s all rain and wind. Then you have to believe we have really bad luck, or we’re just not going to get any major 6+ inch snowstorm this winter.

The state as a whole receives less than 19 inches a year. We are about 15 inches below that at this point. YET, with all that being said I’m still OPTIMISTIC we have ONE MORE MONTH left of a chance to hit our average snowfall.  Why? February’s pattern.

January will probably finish +2 degrees above normal with temperature and WAY under snow totals.  That leaves us with February. I see a pattern going into the month where the trough(cold weather)  out west FINALLY releases east. All the cold and snow has been out west. This changes as we go into February. A massive ridge up north in the polar regions breaks down to release colder air south.  This would create a path for the cold weather to make it’s way south and east as well (See Graphic)

Now, the big question is will this set up a snowier, stormier pattern out east. I would like to think “YES”; however, my feeling is the cold will be transient as it has been all winter. It just comes and goes. There is nothing to hold it in. However, I do like the pattern coming.  At the worst, it will feel more like winter instead of a false fall (ha,ha)

Keep hope alive!!

As we go into February, the picture of the winter might be changing. The trough that has been out all winter in the west looks to finally give, and break the cold air east. This sets up a ridge in the west to bring down colder air from Canada( Red Arrow), and for storms to roll down the trough into the east. This set up could set up a stormier, snowier February. Like I said, “POSSIBLY” . 

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