The picture I have today is, essentially, where we get all of our minor and major storms in any season.  One thing about this winter-it has been STORMY! Yet, mostly rain for our neck of the woods.  Most of our bigger storms come from the Gulf like Nor’easters but weather travels in a west to east pattern. So, when I talk about the pattern this or pattern that, I’m talking about this “Sea of Storms” for lack of a better terminology. Now, the current pattern we have had for most of the winter has not been very good or great depending on perspective. We’ve had periodic cold shots, but nothing sustaining mostly because of too much ridging in the east. This has caused most of these storms to be rain.

The pattern right now looks to be reloading out in the Pacific. The storms ride the jet stream. Depending on tracking, and temperatures they leave a path of rain, snow, wind, and any kind of P-type you can think of.   We are looking for a change in February where the cold gets more sustained in the east and brings back more of a wintry pattern for us. I’ve blocked one storm in particular for the time period of February 5 through the 7th . You can see that it is colder in the east and ridging in the west. The opposite of this winter so far.  There is the potential if the pattern sets up correctly that this could be a blockbuster snow producer.  Keep your snow boots handy. However, in the end, only one person really can control the weather…..DELAWARE WEATHER GUY!! :} (ha,ha) Take caresea-of-storms

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