The Post Super Bowl Battle of Storm Placement

Going into February I want to be VERY clear. Our winter hinges on the end of next week after the Super Bowl.  There is a battle setting up that looks to be a classic battle of low placements that would give us either a major snowstorm or a “Meh..” kind of storm. Now, I’m not hyping anything because this wouldn’t be until NEXT WEEK. That’s 10 days from now. Anything can happen.

This will be the Super Bowl of where the storm low pressure sets up. If it sets up tucked into the coast a bonanza would occur for us. If it sets up too far east, south of Cape Cod then New England (who will probably win the Super Bowl) will get the snow. It’s actually setting up very closely like our storm at the beginning of January. We will see. It will be a battle ALL WEEK. After the Super Bowl, we will see who the winner is. Stay tuned!

Let’s go Falcons!  (I’m an NFC guy and HATE the Patriots)

GFS has a fairly deep low centered south of Long Island but more tucked into the coast which is our best possibility for a substantial snowstorm . I’d  like it a bit more wrapped up, and just a bit more off the coast. 
The EURO has a very deep low centered off Long Island and south of Cape Cod. An ideal set up for a New England bomb. This would give us less than an inch of snow. We would want this centered closer to the coast and a bit more tucked in. 


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