How many times can you say it’s “Cold outside” ?  I say it all day to the kids so they need to wear their jackets. They don’t listen to me.

Anyway, I guess you get the message? Aside from that I can tell you, honestly, the hunt for snow or a snowstorm for our area is like searching for the Seven Cities of Gold. The Spanish spent years looking for it. At least, they claimed Florida for Spain. I’m not claiming anything for anyone.  Wilmington is now, officially, 12.4  inches BEHIND last year’s pace.  Wilmington has 4.5 inches. This time last year we had 16.9  That’s a foot and a half.  And we have 8 weeks left. I honestly, don’t see how we would make that up. Even if this weekend’s storm were to materialize, we wouldn’t put a dent in that.

All I can say, it’s Tuesday. Patience. Yet, if you are on the opposite side of the fence and not a snow weenie (lover) then this is the BEST winter you’ve had :} clue

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