I’m going in a different direction and talking about the benefits so far of this winter in the drought debt department for our area, and for the country in that manner.

As one side of the coin would have our area (Mid-Atlantic) and northeast corridor (Boston-Washington, D.C. in almost a snow drought, this winter has been tremendous when it comes to the drought relief it has provided.  In the Northeast, except for maybe a small portion of western Connecticut,  most of the region is in good shape. We still have a slight drought issue in Pennsylvania, NJ, and Delaware. Yet, very small.  In the South, except for northern Georgia and central Alabama, there are no real severe drought issues. Now, turn to the West. WOW! California’s extremely severe drought issue has almost been eliminated in one winter. Rainfall exceeding 8-12 inches have hit there this winter. And in the Sierra-Nevada’s you all know how much snow they have gotten. California now has almost 80 TRILLION gallons of water in reserves. 80 TRILLION. Except for some portions of southern California half the state is drought free.  That, to me, is the story of the winter and believe me that is really a good thing.  People need to live and have water. That area was literally running dry of it. Now, they have reserves to swim in.

So, the Winter of 2016-17 has been a good winter in regards to major drought relief. Now, if it would provide some snow to snow starved areas of the country. Maybe our winter has one last gasp in it. Maybe!


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