“When Pigs Fly!” or REAL? Thursday Potential.

HEY!! I’m back.. Just thought I would post not a waiving of the white flag but just a “Hey, things didn’t work out like I thought…” So, that’s done. I’m rested. I feel good. Let’s go! Go Falcons!

I know this is going to set off a HUGE amount of comments and shares, but PLEASE do not take this for anything then a potential set-up for later in the week. This would be Thursday morning/afternoon time frame. And I’m going to do a post tomorrow after I see more trends; however, as fate would have it this could be something. Now, there is NOTHING this Winter that would tell me this is correct. This system coming from the SW and spinning off the coast would have to be perfectly timed with a cold front moving to our north Tues-Wed. Now, that system will be a warm storm or all rain. That would be followed by a significant shift on it’s heels of this system. I don’t really believe it right now, because this system would need a clear path to ramp up. The rain system would have to move completely out of the picture because there would be no room in the atmosphere for this to develop right.  And the cold front would have to rush in from the north. So, you know all the factors that would have to hit just right for this thing to explode over us with lots of snow.

I will keep an eye out. Have fun tonight wherever you go! Be safe to after the game as well. Lots of crazy drivers!

This would be a system coming in Thursday on the heels of a rain storm Tues-Wed. This would be a thread the needle type where it would have to be cold enough for this thing to churn out a couple of inches. Will keep an eye on it. I like the set-up though. Yet, “When Pigs Fly!” has been the adage all Winter long. I know your level of skepticism. I’m there with you.

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