DAILY SNAP:Super Bowl hangover, Nice day, Rain, and then a little SNOW!

Good morning! WOW, what a football game!  I’m not a Patriot fan but you have got to be kidding me. A 25 point lead evaporated for the Falcons like a “POOF”. Incredible. I mean Tom Brady is a Football God now. He’s mythical! Whatever you think of him.

Ok, onto our weather. The set-up for this week looks like a nice day today before a warm front comes through tomorrow. It’s not as energized as it looked the previous day with some steady rain mostly on Tuesday. Then it clears by Wednesday afternoon, but begins to get colder. Then another system on the heals of the previous system, comes through on a boundary that sets up just south of us. Depending on where the boundary sets up, and how quickly that cold air can be pulled down Wednesday night after midnight we could see some snow but of the mixed variety.  It’s not a strong system. Right now, I wouldn’t expect very much if anything does fall. It would be a mix to light snow about an inch or inch and a half variety.  Yet, anything on that order would be nice to see.

More later! Have a great day


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