DAILY SNAP: A 40 Degree Swing In the Next Two Days..Warmth, Rain, and Snow…WE HAVE IT ALL IN DELAWARE!

Really, if you want  to understand the volatility of weather, just spend the next few days in true amazement as we are going to go from 60 degrees to 21 degrees in the next 48 hours. I mean it’s stunning!

Right now, the volatility of the next few days will consist of some rain, not a lot, but fairly steady then Wednesday night we should start to see a lull, before we see a change-over to snow late Wednesday night into Thursday morning. I’m still seeing this as a light event. There are too many variables, but the cold air although coming in behind the rain will dictate how fast, how long, and how much snow we actually see. And if anything sticks to the ground. Surface temperatures look to be a key factor as well as the dynamics of the cooling the storm brings in. It’s about timing at this point. My “wish” is to see this storm dig a little more to the south and develop a little off the coast before it explodes. Interior areas like NW of 95 look to get into the thick of the storm more than coastal areas, or inland of the coast. So, Washington to Boston, you might see more of a gradual increase in snow and intensity as you move further up 95.  I would be looking at this as a 1-4 storm RIGHT NOW, but with the chances of it increasing.  We are literally right on the line between a major storm and a nuisance storm.  Hang on! Let’s see what today brings.

I would like to see this low a little further south and east for a Major Snow Storm. This is too warm for me. 

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