I know. It’s more than 10 days out and I’m breaking my own Commandment, but I think we all need to be aware that Winter is NOT OVER! It’s trying to make a New England Patriot style comeback.  This would be for the middle of the month. I think this one will get more interesting as well. It could get much colder in the next week as we trend towards the middle of the month.

Our storm on Thursday is looking like a garden variety 1-3 inch storm. It did, overnight, get a bit colder for northern Delaware. I think if your south of Dover this is mostly a rain event. I’ll have a map tonight or tomorrow. I think a first call map tonight. I’m issuing a map. I know .Yet, I think this is looking more like our storm in January, but that was colder at the start and got colder. This is going to start off as rain, get colder, then change over to snow by Thursday morning. Stay tuned!


This is a graphic for the middle of the month A possible Nor’easter, but this is so far out don’t pay it credence as this will change 1,000 times. Yet, the point is that Winter is trying to make a vicious comeback in it’s last few weeks of Winter. I think we just need to be aware to keep the gloves, scarves, and hats :} 

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