THE SNOW HOLE LIVES ON! CLARENDON, TEXAS 91 Degrees Today, Snow and 29 Degrees Early next week!

As if I need to give you more “evidence” of the pathetic nature of our snow less  Winter of 2017 in our area (Less than 6 inches so far) I turn to the American Southwest. Full of deserts, dry tumbleweed, and cactus bushes(the sarcasm is THICK) we visit Clarendon, Texas where today it was a frigid 91 degrees. In a mere two days, the temperature will drop almost 60 degrees by early next week, and perhaps, with one storm will have over 7 inches of snow/ice. YES! while we go less than 300 miles north to good old Boston. Ahh Boston! I do love Boston…IN THE SUMMER!

In the next 24 hours will be hit by their second blizzard in less than 4 days AND, COULD, MIGHT, PROBABLY WILL be hit with another one Wednesday and Thursday of next week.  And finally, we visit the “SNOW HOLE“! The cities of Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. normally receive on average each (exception Washington, D.C.) at least 20 inches of snow a year , have a combined 13 inches. YES! That’s right. A whole foot of snow..COMBINED.    The story of our Winter. Clarendon, Texas (91 degrees today) will receive as much as we have in Delaware in a few days! Welcome to the SNOW HOLE! 

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