FROST: It’s a Morning Nuisance but “cool” little Science

Frost, seems inconsequential, and obvious in the winter months to come out and find your car all frosted up. Then you let your car waste 10 minutes of gas while you battle the thin shield of frost on your windshields. Then you scrap, scarp, scrap, and realize you’ve only shaved off a tiny portion of this annoying, but interesting problem.

The process begins while were a sleep. The air at night reaches freezing or below freezing, and from the moment you turned your car off last the heat begins to lose rapidly from you car. The droplets of condensation, and water vapor bead over your car and windows. The glass and metal won’t retain their heat properly. So, all of that water vapor that doesn’t evaporate, freezes on your windshield. Even in mildly cool weather, frost still forms.

The other day I came out to my car and the car had almost perfect snowflake frost formation on it.  I almost wanted to take a picture and post it as the closest the windows had seen that much snow this winter!  We still have a few more weeks of this “problem”. You can make some artwork out of it if you get really creative!



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