DAILY SNAP: Welcome to Spring-Winter 2017 !! Happy Birthday George!

Well, how was your weekend? My bike had to go into BSICU (Bike Shop Intensive Care Unit) so I did lots of walking and rode on my wife’s bike which was quite manly as a ride so that was a nice alternative. Feeling wonderful! So, what’s been happening in the weather world.

Wow! Can you believe how warm it is? And the rain in California has been unbelievable. In one Winter there drought has been basically eliminated. That’s incredible.  Our week looks quite Spring like. Look at Thursday! 74 WHAT? That’s insane for late February. The world is changing, but it’s more of a hot/cold thing where this Winter it was just a really warm Winter. Next year, who knows? Don’t let anyone tell you they do. Have a good week, but I’ll be back tomorrow :} Happy Birthday George Washington! The man!


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