Well, I had to be called into duty by Mother Nature yesterday. Thanks for the various reports. The storms weren’t as bad, even the most intense cells didn’t really make too much hay. I think it was some atmospheric shearing as the storm rolled in, the sun hadn’t heated the atmosphere as much as a summer day storm does. Thus, the cells didn’t have as much charge in them as they would. Glad for us!

Now, where do we go from here? March is rolling in come Wednesday. And it will be announcing itself with vigor. A line of storms will be rolling in from the west. Again, another powerful front which could deliver the same potency the storms yesterday gave us; however, because temperatures will be significantly cooler this week, we shouldn’t see that strong of violent weather  that much of the area saw yesterday.

Then we see the first 10 plus days of March. And what a ride it could be. The cold air, which has been locked in Canada, and a non-factor this Winter finally the PV (Polar Vortex) gets broken down enough to funnel an enormous amount of cold air down our way. Troughs develop in the East, as depicted in the graphic of upper-air atmosphere, and blocking over Greenland, noted in neon green, opens up the potential for a surprise in early March. I’m not saying anything. One thing is certain: March’s LION ROAR is going to be heard!

Upper air 500MB chart has been showing for days an opening up of the Polar Express heading south for the second week of March. A disturbance in the southern jet(noted in black) and blocking in Greenland (noted in the green outline) , and the players are on the field for what could be an interesting closing act of Winter 2016-17.