GOOD MORNING!! Are you warm and cozy? Hot Chocolate? Wow, what a shock to the system. After the last couple of weekends being in the 60’s and 70’s anything below 40 is bone rattling cold. And, of course, after spending a winter without having to get out real heavy jackets the cold pool from the Arctic finally arrived yet only for a weekend.

The week ahead, without getting too technical, looks mixed. We have temperatures going back up significantly after today. Then a decent rain system coming late Monday night and all of Tuesday will be rainy. Then temperatures go back down for the next coming weekend. That’s where things start to look interesting. I will divulge, but please don’t take it as gospel. The EURO model yesterday had a very significant snowstorm of paralyzing proportions for the entire East Coast. Totals were in the 2+feet range for us. The internet blew up. Everyone started talking about a mega-storm along the lines of the Super storm of ’93. Not even close. STOP people!

Of course, I didn’t believe it. Nothing really matched up on the upper air pattern. Then it backed off later. This morning, the EURO has a smaller storm albeit moderately significant (6+) inches.  Some things make sense, and a lot doesn’t right now.  I’m going to hold off writing more, because if I get into the possibilities they are only possibilities. I’m not going to do that. Just note this post and I will continue to look at it closer as we move along during the week.

Have a great Sunday!!!



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