DAILY SNAP: Friday Morning Beware! Winter Returns

I think the biggest thing I learned this winter is that it’s really unpredictable . We can analyze. We can look a hundreds of model runs. We can crunch numbers. Yet, when that is all said and done guess who’s in charge? MOTHER NATURE. And when she wants something to happen, something will happen. 

Before I get to the weekend system which after runs today, honestly doesn’t look like it is going to happen, but that too could still comeback to haunt us. I’m not counting anything out. It’s being pushed further south each and every run. Yet, it could shift further north if the blocking won’t be as strong and lessens the energy of this potential storm. I’ve learned not to discount anything until the last possible moment.

The more interesting of the two possible snow threats this week is Friday. This is what will deliver some bitter cold air come this weekend. And, still possibly, set up the weekend system.

We have what looks like a mild, little clippers system coming from the west. It doesn’t have a ton of moisture with it. Yet, the northern jet stream is screaming over 100+ knot winds with a tremendous batch of energy. Snow would break out in our northern areas Thursday night. We probably would start as rain, and then go to snow. Friday morning we could be awakening to a snow globe. In terms of accumulation, we could see anywhere from a coating to an inch; however, we have to watch it. The vigorous blocking that this will set up, could provide a more rich environment where it shifts further south. If that happens, we could see up to 2-3 inches of snow. I’m betting on the smaller amount; however, this bears watching. I will watch it for you :}

screenshot (9)
18Z NAM which shows the energetic short wave covering the area with a decent snow. The heaviest area would be north and west of us (Outlined in Black). We would start as rain and go over to snow as the morning wore on. It bears watching how much energy it gets from the strong blocking north of it.
screenshot (10)
The system would pass us by noon. We could pick up a coating to an inch. More, if it gets stronger. There are signs that is possible.

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