OPEN BLOG NIGHT:Planting Season! Now or Later in the Spring? NOW!

I thought for something new let me write about something that could be a little out of my “league”-Spring planting.  Yes, well what I know about planting could fill a water cap but I think I’m ready to take a jab at it.

I actually LOVE flowers. Flowers of any kind, but I really like to see Spring flowers. It’s just so visually appealing. I mean, I’m a man, but I love flowers! So, when should you plant them? NOW!

The ground in most of the Mid-Atlantic believe it or not is dry. We are still in a mild drought situation, but you can overcome that by watering as your planting.  Yet, the ground is moist at the middle layers. So, planting seeds deep is a good way to get the most of your early planting. Mostly plants/flowers that don’t need a lot of moisture early on are good to plant. Flowers such as Pansies, lilac,  Trilliums are really good to plant now. They don’t require a whole lot of moisture early on. They do; however, require abundant sun. So, any south-facing walls say along your house, or outside on your deck. You can also plant in windows that get most day sun. However, you don’t have to worry like we do in the summer about the plants/flowers drying out. Mostly you want to go with perennials. The roots take a good hold, and you can get them into the soil before the heat of late Spring or early Summer takes hold and dries them out. And most of these plants don’t mind the cold of early March. They shun it, but come out more beautiful when it gets in the 60’s and 70’s like daffodils, and crocus’s.


However, don’t go to Home Depot yet. As superstores won’t be carrying anything until later in March , or as we approach Easter.  They know when their customers will come for mulch!  Oh, how I love filling my car up for my wife for her mulch. Yes, and I spend hours getting out all the chips out of my car.

I’ve left a website for you to get some ideas as to what flowers to plant early on: Spring Gardening

How refreshing it was to write about this! Send me your pictures later of what you are planting. Remember, I LOVE flowers :}

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