In real estate it’s all about “location”. Well, for this storm on Monday night this is coming down to LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION. The picture you see this morning is where the GFS ensembles, that means the same computer runs are run 50+ times, show where the center of the low pressure will be when this storm is all said and done. What you need to look for are where the CLUSTER of those red numbers are. And the GFS ensembles are centered to the left of the benchmark which means 40 degrees latitude and 70 degrees west longitude. If the storm low tracks in that direction we will get CLOBBERED. However, currently the GFS is the LONE WOLF model that is showing a coast runner. That means inside the coast and hugs it. That would mean a likely more snow-mix to rain scenario for our area.  However, the only counter to that track is that it will be VERY cold when the storm hits and that would bring us a period of heavy snow for several hours Tuesday morning, before a changeover would occur, but then it would go back to snow on the back-end.  I will tell you the numbers I’m seeing are insane! They are insane! . All of the other models are showing a track towards the benchmark. The GFS will not budge. We still have several days. Isn’t this fun!!!

screenshot (18)

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