Stella (Weather Channel Name for the storm) on deck : How it should play out.

Stella, the Weather Channel name for winter storms, is about to start to gel into something of a storm for the East Coast in the next 24 hours. Once she starts coming up the coast she will unleash her fury on us. I’m not getting into model’s or trends. I want to show you how it “might” play out once she gets here. There is a black squiggly line which represents the freezing line. At the start, northern Delaware will have some mixing issues. So, it will accumulate but, at the start, may come down as a little sleet, or freezing rain. Yet, that won’t come into play during the bulk of the storm as the line will be pushed further down as the storm rams through. So, here is the layout of how it all could play out with timing: 


screenshot (20)
The storm is arriving from south to north. It will be snow to start and lay fast. The black line represents the 32 degree line. That is about down to Dover. We will get an early thump. 
screenshot (21)
This is where we might have some mixing. It’s thumping away but we have some P-Type issues like sleet, a little rain, and snow. This will lessen totals a bit. However, as the storm wears on the freezing line will be pushed further south. So, it’s all rain from Dover on points south. 
screenshot (22)
Roughly by noon it’s thumping away. The rain/snow line is further south by the beach points. It’s a full fledged Nor’easter and it will continue to snow the rest of the day, albeit lighter than overnight on Monday. Then it continues and picks up again at night since an upper level feature comes through after the main storm passes. And continues Wednesday morning with snow showers. 
screenshot (23).jpg
It’s Wednesday morning and it’s STILL snowing but lightly in our area. The whole state now in snow. And it’s bitterly cold and windy. When it’s all said and done, northern Delaware could have as much as a foot while Kent County is looking more like 3-5 inches; and Sussex gets ripped off with less than 2 inches for the entire event. Sorry :{ 

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