I think you pretty much get the picture(See the graphics today)

It’s going to seem kind of gloomy out the next three or so days, but that’s mainly because of the weather systems today and tomorrow. A little known weather fact called a “back door” front came through last night and is keeping temperatures down, because of the winds have shifted from S and SW to the E and NE. Thus, it’s keeping a cool breeze and throwing back some light precipitation. And, two weather systems approaching will add some light rain. it shouldn’t be too torrential or drought busting. Nonetheless, from now until Tuesday it will seem like we live in Seattle.  I want to go to Seattle! :} Let me know if you’ve been there !

gfs_mslp_pcpn_frzn_neus_fh24_trend (1)
A graphic showing us the next few days of BLAH weather. This is not a big system. Nothing much to worry about other than light rain showers.  Yet, add an onshore flow of air from the east you get enhanced rain showers that are persistent off and on variety. 

screenshot (44)

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