Video Update: Stormy weather pattern..Not as warm until later in April..Consistent warmth still a couple of weeks away

Those of us looking for that immediate jump to Spring are going to be very disappointed as you read, and watch my video blog. We have two more systems this week that will produce heavy rains. The first Mon-Tues time frame which will move quickly. The next system late in the week much like the one last Friday. Yet, that was a coastal storm that just swirled up the Coast with tons of moisture. This one will be a quick hitter over the Great Lakes, but the storms will be as potent.  Then it will usher in a cold front which will bring temperatures down below average for this time of year. I’m looking more at after the 15th of the month when the pattern changes to a more zonal path with more consistent days in the 60’s and 70’s later in the month.  Our drought situation is looking better and brighter.  I’ll have to check, but these storms for April could get us out of it as we approach May.  Have a great week!

Video Link for Week of April 3rd, 2017: Weekly Video Blog

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