SNAP: A Nice Wednesday Followed By A NASTY Thursday and Cold Friday..Will Spring Stop Playing Early Games with us?

Get ready for another round of wet weather. Actually, get ready for a wild 72 hours where we go from the 70’s, to the high 30’s on Friday night. A couple of concerns will be shown by the graphics below for the storm on Thursday:


screenshot (52)

THE FIRST CONCERN: High, gusty winds.  50-60 knot winds will be slamming up against a warm core system. This will set off incredible instability in the atmosphere. This will touch off some thunderstorms while also creating heavy downpours. Probably three rounds of heavy rain (6am; 11am; 2pm). The gusty winds will be in excess of 20-30 MPH, but gusts could be in excess of 40 MPH.


screenshot (53)

SECOND CONCERN: A warm core storm slamming up against colder air. If you can see the blue in the NW corners, that’s steady snow. As the low pressure passes to our west that colder air will be eating into the storm.  No worries about the rain changing to snow, but Friday morning as the rain ends, the colder air will create a swirling vortex to our east. This will create instability, and much colder area. It will rain for a brief period Friday morning, but it will be a cold rain.  We go from a warm core to a cold core air mass.  Friday night temperatures will only be in the low 40’s that will drop to the high 30’s.

Ironically, flooding won’t be too much of a huge issue. Even with 1-2 inches of  rain.


So, be careful going to work on Thursday morning and coming home. Yet, this will help us tremendously for our drought situation.  We were slightly below average by the time Winter ended.

Have a safe, happy Thursday!

Open Blog Night: The Start of A New Logo

I’m getting the impression people are liking my newest logo! Well, this is the beginning of a new start for my page. I really appreciate that I’ve come this far with you as followers . I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t have all of you out there. I’m really exciting about launching the NEW: