UPDATE: Cheap Thrill Snow #1

What? A weak wave off-shore will be building moisture up the coast. A slap of rain change over to snow later in the night/morning hours. Followed by an upper-level low coming down from Central PA will create a corridor of snow from an inverted trough from Central PA to SE PA and Northern Delaware. This could create a period of steadier snow tomorrow morning.  YAWN!

How much? Coatings to two inches statewide. Lesser amounts down in southern half of the state. There could be a surprise somewhere getting more than two inches.  Doubt it.  Boundary temperature layers will be too warm to have snow stay.  YAWN!  There is no bust factor because this can’t bust. There may be nothing to work with. Boom potential if it goes above 1.5 inches I will ROOT FOR THE PATRIOTS!  YAWN! 

Start Time? 5AM-7AM tomorrow morning lasting throughout the afternoon. Ending about 2-3pm. YAWN! 

Impact Meter:  1  out of 5..This is a nuisance event.  Nothing more.  YAWN!


As we are approaching February this week, I said last week we were in this thaw pattern. And it’s going to take time for this pattern to flip again. This graphic shows the next 6-10 days for temps.  Obviously, we are in the middle layer of the colder air that is all at the Canadian border right now. And the PV (Polar Vortex) hasn’t been displaced enough so we don’t get the pouring air of cold air like we had in December-January.  So, any storms that come through our area face two problems: 1. Lack of cold air  2. A progressive (Fast) West to East pattern. It will take time..





Snowfall through the end of this coming week. The trend has been for something to happen, but the question is how much cold air will stay in place for two shots this week.

Good Morning Everyone! It’s going to be a really nice Saturday. Highs should reach the low 50’s. Then a weak cold front comes in tonight and puts down some light rain. Nothing on the soaking variety more like just steady rain through the night into tomorrow morning.  Once it passes Sunday should be another great day minus the Eagles game. There is the Pro Bowl but really who watches that? NHL All-Star game? Maybe.


Two chances for snow this coming week and will be featured on my Sunday Slide tomorrow. Monday night into Tuesday morning then another shot at the end of the week. The big question is how much cold air will be able to seep down south and get here, stay, and remain long enough for any precipitation to turn into snow and not wet snow showers. If anything happens, it’s not a big system and we’re not talking 6+ inches. We are talking about a cheap thrill to an inch or two.

The chance for later in the week looks to be more substantial possibly, but the question is how much cold air is in place before, during, and post-storm. We have a lot of time to figure things out. Go ahead and have a wonderful Saturday!!

And THANK YOU for being loyal followers.


Weekend Outlook (New Feature)

A new feature that makes its debut today is the Weekend Outlook. At noon EVERY Friday, you will get a complete listing of the weekend weather along with Maps. This way you can look at ONE MAP and ONE SOURCE and move on for a wonderful weekend!

Here we go!

Friday: High: 43  Low: 20 degrees  Sunny and nice. A warm-up that will feel very good if your outside. 

Saturday-Sunday: Highs in the Mid to upper 50’s Rain likely Saturday night into Sunday. Not a big deal. 

Warm air will be arriving this weekend ahead of our next weather maker in the mid-west for Monday. This could bring a round of some light snow to possible more moderate snow Monday night into Tuesday. The details are still dirty. More as the weekend proceeds! Have a great one! 


Rain coming in Saturday night into Sunday morning along with lots of warm air. Our next weather maker is out in the mid-west which could bring a round of snow showers or moderate snow. More later on that. 



I’m not playing  Nostradamus BUT another piece of the fragmented evidence all pointing to a significant increase in precipitation for the early part of February. This has been increasing daily. Now, it could be rain, snow, etc.. any liquid measurement. The Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are about in the same ranges with about 2-2.5 inches of liquid equivalent.

Again, forecasting is like piecing together a fragmented crime scene. All of the evidence is important. However, they continue to tell a story the more you look at it.