WInter is hanging on in much of the Eastern half of the country, but get ready Big West! Your Winter is coming back after this week. Temperatures look to average +1 to +2 degrees above normal east of the Mississippi River. This will be temporary but it will give us all a chance to live outside our homes a little bit.

East of the mountain states starting on Saturday are going to see temperatures anywhere from 10 to 12 degrees above normal for a couple of days. Any fresh snow on the ground will surely melt away and bring us to going outside to exercise, enjoy life without having to wear ten layers. (Graphics Below) (Graphic #1)

Why is this happening? Well, it’s a natural cycle but the atmosphere is shifting its energy bringing the core of the cold air back to Canada and bleeding it to the far western areas of the country. The jet stream which has been very progressive this year (northern stream dominant) is living up to a weak La Nina standards. Also, the ridge in the west is breaking down and shifting east. This allows the colder air to bleed down into the western states while the eastern states bask in the “sunlight”.

Yet, a this is all temporary. As you can see from the graphic  (Graphic #2) below around the end of  25th or so the cold air starts to creep east again. Thus, it will increase our chances of storminess and more snow threats. However, if I were you, after this week our snow chances essentially evaporate until the end of the month.

screenshot (87)
Warm air comes into the East as a ridge builds and stays for a couple of weeks into February. 
screenshot (88)
Cold air bleeds back to the Eastern half of the country after the 25th of  January.


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