screenshot (95)
The Storm took a classic Nor’easter track. Low pressure came across the Rockies to the Tennessee Valley. It picked up moisture from the Gulf and then formed another low off the coast of North Carolina. Cold air was in place and KABOOM! 


I got home from a function on a Friday evening for Valentines Day. I turned on my TV in my apartment and the Weather Channel was on (Shocker). I turned to watch and the first thing I saw was a huge Winter Storm Warning for Wilmington, DE. I had to move closer to the TV to make sure I was seeing the right numbers on the screen: 15-20 inches of snow expected, Nor’easter blitzkrieg for the area!

I woke up at 9am that Saturday and it was like a BOMB of snow had gone off overnight. 18 hours later Wilmington was crippled with 22-23 inches of snow.

Having been through the 96 Blizzard this amount of snow was not unusual, but I just remember the howling winds, the rate of snow in the evening was 2-3 inches per hour. It was truly a classic blizzard.

Guess what? It could happen again. The storm took a classic track.  It came out of the Rockies and picked up moisture from the Gulf of Mexico. It then headed north and when it hit the cold air just dumped moisture on the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Baltimore was left digging out of 28 inches. Philadelphia was paralyzed with 20+inches of snow. Septa was shut down. Boston, New York were hammered with similar shots of snow, and wind.  And the next day ALL I DID WAS SHOVEL!

You can have these kinds of storms, especially in February when the warm southern jet meets up with the Polar jet (northern jet). The combination of the two can cause these storms to just detonate an area with snow, wind, and sometimes, rain.

February is coming!!!


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