Like my post from the previous day there is “NOTHING” wet, or frozen for the next few days.  And temperatures will be gradually be increasing as we get towards the weekend. And, like advertised, there is about a 1% chance of anything wintry significant happening until we get into February. Again, don’t exaggerate anything from this.

However, a system passing by us on Mon-Tues has peaked my interest. As you can see a low-pressure system to our south has been gradually creeping closer to the coast. Each run today has strengthened this system and pulled it back NW towards the coast. At this point, it would be mostly rain, but temperatures will be dropping rapidly. It would not take much for this to turn into something significant in the rain, or perhaps a wintry mix for our area. It bears watching. And you know who will be watching….DELAWARE WEATHER GUY


A System FLYING by us Monday and Tuesday is looking to develop into an interesting coastal system. Cold air will be running into the system. At this point, it isn’t much of anything, but it continues to bear watching. 


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