Snow Threat #1 for Monday Night-Tuesday Time Frame (READ)

Well, I should never write any more “there is almost no chance we will see any more snow for January.” The joke may be on me!

Ok, the set-up(The Graphic shows all) A full explanation is below)

Storm Threat #1  Monday night into Tuesday morning. An inverted trough could set up over the region giving us about 4-5 hours of intense snow(depending on how cold it gets). An inverted trough is a low-pressure system that builds counter-clockwise from pressures in the ocean/atmosphere. It runs from the highest to the lowest pressures Where that set-up is anybody’s guess.

1.  A cold front to our south will set up a boundary. Along with that boundary, a storm or wave will form. It has a lot of energy.  That will blast NE out to sea. 

2. There is little cold-air in place. So, Monday afternoon may leave a splattering of rain along the coast. Yet, at the same time, colder air rushing down from the north will try to get down towards the coast fast.  The ideal set-up is to have the cold air in place prior to any storm. 

3. An inverted trough will bulge from the ocean and from somewhere either over the coast or further inland between the Delaware Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. An inverted trough is like a bulge in the atmospheric pressures. It goes high to low. So, what the atmosphere is doing is accelerating the energy from the storm out to sea back towards the coast and with a counter-clockwise flow. It feeds off the ocean. In the winter, if it’s cold enough, will set-up a heavy band of snow for only a few hours. Yet, it can lay down as much an inch an hour if set up in the right place. 

3. Inverted troughs are like trying to predict the value of Bit-Coins. Sometimes you can’t predict where they set-up. They just suddenly form. Before you know it you have a snowstorm for 4-5 hours.  Remember December 9, 2014-15. The snow globe game the Eagles played the Lions. It started off as 1 inch of snow for the area max. It turned into 8 inches. Why? Inverted trough! 

4. It’s still very early to figure this all out. We could get NOTHING! Just be prepared. 

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