One of the things we’re going to have come to the reality of with these storms is we are ALWAYS on the dividing line between cold and warm air with these storms.  So, the “waffle” back and forth is going to be constant. Frankly, for less than two inches it almost isn’t worth it.

Later tonight we have two systems. One system offshore that has been trending further west moving NE will deliver wet moisture (rain) then changeover to snow as temperatures drop through the evening.  Boundary temps are going to be an issue so immediate laying on the streets will not occur until we fall below freezing. So, we’re going to have about 2 hours of snow showers in the morning. That means no snow on the ground or a coating on non-treated surfaces.

A second system from the Mid-West will drop and like a pinwheel deliver another round of steady snow as the first system passes. That will amount to another coating to an inch maybe two if it has more moisture to deal with.  There has been more of a western trend, but, again, the first system could be well past us by the time that happens.

I’m going for a coating to two inches across the state.  That’s the boom area. Anything less than that is a MEH… kind of thing.



For most of the state a general coating to two inches. Two is on the high end or BOOM end. 





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